The importance of relationship is essential to every human. I believe that it is something that is Creator-instilled in each of us. In regards to property management, relationship is key. Happy tenants make great referrals. They are your best marketing tool by far. A Tenant that feels that his or her business is in an ideal location with a Landlord that exhibits #1 Service and reasonable expenses is a Class "A" combination. Tenants that don't feel like they are being heard or have unresolved issues can be a true detriment to the success of your business as a Property Manager. Relationships take time and effort, even in the professional arena. We must engage with our tenants, make routine contact with them. Would you care to share your thoughts and/or experiences?

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Great topic Beth Anne,


Property Management is definately relational in terms of you are always going to be dealing with people every day in every arena.From tenants, to tradespeople, to contractors, to inspectors, to accountants and lawyers.


Navigating the relational aspect will be what you make of it, you have to decide upfront how you wish to treat these people? what sort of power do you wish to exert on them?  From experience and from on-going learning i've discovered its the referent power that would grant you success in managing these relationship. Yes you may have legitmate or expert power but those won't sustain or nurture the relationship on the long haul.


Seek first to understand, than to be understood. You have to value people !


Just my thoughts


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