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20 Reasons Why I Hate My Renters

Landlords often have a negative reputation as greedy, slumlords, looking to take advantage of their renters.  In fact, with cases like those shared by these Reddit users who tell their worst landlord/management story, it’s hard to argue that sentiment.


But are landlords always at fault in a renter relationship gone wrong? For every bad landlord story, I challenge you with a bad renter story.


Here I share the top reasons why any renters would drive their landlord or property manager crazy.


20 Reasons Why I Hate My Renters


  1. They lie about pets.

  2. They pay rent late.

  3. They complain about late fees.

  4. They want call me with a “plumbing emergency” to unclog their toilet.

  5. Their “employee reference” sounds a little too much like their “landlord reference” (at least change the phone number!).

  6. They don’t complete the move-in checklist and then complain when I keep a portion of the security deposit.

  7. They write a bad reviews on Yelp because I raised the rent to meet the local property tax increase.

  8. The cops have my phone number on speed dial by now because of the late night parties.

  9. They let their boyfriend/girlfriend stay there.

  10. They make me get in the middle of roommate drama.

  11. They use dish soap in the dishwasher.

  12. They don’t report the water damage from the aforementioned dishwasher flood.

  13. They don’t have renter’s insurance.

  14. They move out without telling me.

  15. They get a new roommate without telling me.

  16. They don’t change the air filters.

  17. They try to pass off the pet stains as “normal wear and tear”.

  18. They don’t take out the trash and blame the pest infestations on the property.

  19. They refuse to let me come inside for a routine maintenance inspection.

  20. They don’t return my phone calls.


Renters play an equal part of the landlord-tenant relationship. It is up to them to make sure they understand their renter responsibilities and follow lease terms.  


In turn, it is the a property manager's or landlord's responsbility to uphold their end of the relationship by provinding a habitable and nice place to live, responding to maintenance requests and following state laws in regards to late fees and notices to entry.


As a housing provider, you can avoid these types annoying renter situtations by conducting thourough tenant screening. And carefully going through the lease agreement with every tenant, so the expecation are set for a great landlord-tenant relationship.


Do you have experience with bad or frustrating renters. Let us know in the comments about what makes a bad tenant, so renters know what will make their landlords love them.


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