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3 Tips for a Well-Dressed Property Manager

Professional attire can be a challenge in a position that requires you to wear so many hats. Property managers have a diverse range of tasks that can change drastically from day-to-day. Regardless of this challenge, first impressions can make a big difference when trying to find the perfect tenant for a property, or when landing a new client and expanding your portfolio.


Your attire can tell clients and tenants that you take your position--and, in turn, them--seriously. With a few tips, you can ensure that you are a well-dressed property manager, prepared for whatever the day may bring.



1. Consider Your Day

Your daily tasks should be key factors when deciding on your attire. Think through your normal duties for the day, will you simply be in the office handling administrative tasks, or will you be on-site showing a property or assessing a maintenance issue? Dressing well means dressing for the work you have so you can perform the tasks at hand without uncomfortable distraction.


2. Mirror Your Clients & Climate

Assess your clients' attire and seek to mirror it or bump your formality up by a notch. For managers of student housing, dress capris and pressed khaki pants may be sufficient to provide credibility. A property manager working with luxury rentals will find that attire with a suit jacket would be more appropriate. Of course, climate certainly impacts the expectation for formality. Few expect managers to wear double-breasted suits while touring beachfront properties.


3. Gather Some Staples

Your daily tasks may change, but it’s important to have a cohesive wardrobe full of a few staples that will work for any work situation. Comfort isn't the first thing you may think about when approaching a professional wardrobe, but it is paramount when your line of work requires more than a walk to the water cooler. Clients can tell when you're uncomfortable, and you don't want your clothing to detract from your message.

Shoes: Invest in comfortable shoes that will make you look polished, but are still easy to wear while touring properties or performing other movement-oriented tasks. Ladies should avoid unstable heels and opt instead for pointed-toe flats for a stylish look.

Blouses & Shirts: Button-up shirts are a classic look for either gender and are easy to pair. These are a no-brainer staple. However, not all shirts are made equally, materials & color alter the quality and durability.  White can be too opaque in outdoor lighting, and silk--while fancy-- can show wetness.

Pants or Skirts: A few high-quality tailored trousers are ideal for everyone. Well-fitting dress pants provide extra warmth on cold days and are appropriate for every occasion. The great fit is key to avoiding a disheveled appearance. Many department stores offer free tailoring if you ask.


Realistically, no client or tenant will be enforcing a dress code, but your clothing does send a message, and you certainly want to ensure that message is a good one. After all, becoming an authority in your industry starts with making that first great impression.

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