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4 Steps to Prep Your Rental For Autumn- Infographic

It may feel like it came too fast, but with schools starting across the country, and pumpkin flavored drinks once again on the menu, Autumn’s imminent arrival is difficult to ignore.


While you and your tenants enjoy those coveted last rays of sunshine, don’t miss out on the opportunity to prep for Fall conditions while the weather is still calm.


Fall has its own setup prep that needs to be completed before you can rest assured that you and your tenants will have a safe and stress-free season.


Complete these 4 maintenance tasks to ensure you are fully prepared for the coming Autumn season.

One: Exterior Check

Look for areas that need attention in the form of caulking, debris removal, or vegetation trimming next to roofs or structures.


Two: Fall Safety

Inspect railings & supports for decks, patios & entry ways. Ensure they'll support a guest who may slip in wet or icy conditions.


Three: Animal Proof

Critters may seek warmth indoors. Caulk to prevent against bugs, & use hardware cloth to cover holes as animals damage insulation.


Yearly: Checks

Autumn prep can also serve as an excellent time to accomplish those yearly maintenance tasks that need to be attended too. Take care of your yearly inspections. Check the chimney for debris, maintain smoke alarms, check roofs & service HVAC systems. Remember that since items like roofs and HVAC systems can be costly, and can cause habitability concerns should they be in disrepair, that is is best to have a trained professional inspect these areas.

Check out The Landlord’s Guide to Property Safety for a full overview of those imperative safety inspections that should be conducted at each property within your portfolio.


Bonus: Tenant Check-In

Foster a healthy landlord-tenant relationship by taking the time to personally check-in with your tenants. Address any questions or concerns they may have, and ask about any problem areas on the property. This can alert you to problems that could go otherwise unreported.


Remember that these maintenance tips not only serve to ensure the habitability of your rentals, but also, protect your investment from costly--and avoidable--repairs in the future. Additionally, they serve to guarantee to you tenants that their needs within the property will be met, and can encourage long-term tenancy. The time and monetary investment of these seasonal check-ins may seem like an annoyance, but the returns are far reaching.

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