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How to Throw the Perfect Outdoor Movie Night for Your Residents

Summer is mode is officially upon us, kids are out of school and everyone is ready to soak up all the sunshine that this new season brings.


As the weather gets warmer, it’s natural for your residents to gather outdoors and enjoy your summer amenities. However, as the days get longer and hotter, it can be hard to find a time to host a resident event that will ensure everyone stays comfortable while providing engaging activities for your residents’ enjoyment. This is where evening events shine.


And while you may already have plans for a late-night resident event on Independence Day, don’t feel like you are limited to that celebration. An outdoor movie night for your residents is a perfect way to provide an engaging activity for all ages while getting outdoors and still avoiding the hottest parts of the day.


These tips will ensure you throw an excellent resident movie event this season.

Research Your Equipment Needs:

No one knows the space you have to work with and the number of residents likely to attend your event more than you. If your group will be smaller, a relatively inexpensive consumer-grade projector and a flat white background will easily get the job done. A simple sheet stretched against a tall fence or a large whiteboard can be utilized for a lower-key event.


However, if you know you will be seating a large group, your needs may vary. Consider working with a local audio shop to ensure that you have expert help in choosing what to rent for the event. Developing a good report with local businesses is always a great idea, and can help ensure you get great assistance (and perhaps an even better deal) the next time you utilize their services. Afterall, there will always be more movies to enjoy, you may find your residents enjoy the outdoor movie night so much that you want to make it a regular event throughout the summer!


Verify the Legal Matters:

If you want to show a blockbuster hit to a large group of people it’s not as simple as hooking up a projector and letting them watch. Even if the event is free there are licensing laws that you will need to ensure you understand. Oftentimes, films require a licensing fee to show the film in a public place, and generally, the newer the film, the more the licensing fee will be. Opt for a summer classic with a reasonable fee, or go big and chose a popular new movie to ensure your event will be a hit.


Don’t forget to check your local laws to ensure that you will not be breaking any noise ordinances. You will make a poor impression on your residents if your event is cut short due to noise complaints.


Concessions and Seating:

The best aspect of planning an outdoor movie night is that the resident event can be as fancy or as casual as you like. Make it cozy and casual by having your residents bring their own picnic blankets for seating, and offering inexpensive candies and popcorn. Use the dollar store to stock up on boxes of everyone’s concession favorites and let your residents help themselves to the spread. Not only does this create a fun on-theme display, but it’s budget-friendly and requires minimal prep work.


If budget restraints are less of an issue, consider going big and hiring a local food truck to cater the event. Allow your residents to feast on their favorite local tacos or sandwiches while watching your selected film. Adults and children alike will be sure to talk about this event for weeks to come.


Final Thoughts:

As with any outdoor plans, your resident event’s success is contingent on the weather. Don’t forget to have a rain plan in case a surprise storm decides to pass through your area. Whether your back up plan involves moving the party indoors, or simply moving the movie night to a different date, be sure to let your residents know what will happen should the weather prove unpredictable.  


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