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St. Patrick's Day Ideas for Your Multifamily Property

Resident events are an excellent opportunity to build community and show your residents how much you value their tenancy. A large factor in reducing your vacancies is ensuring you meet your tenants with great customer service and offer small (or large) gestures that show them how great it is to live in your multifamily property.


While holidays serve as great venues to plan your resident events around, major holidays can create scheduling conflicts (between residents’ own plans and your own) or potential denominational issues when planning near a religious holiday.


If you find yourself not wanting to sort through these hurdles to plan your events, consider using a lighthearted holiday to plan your next bash. St. Patrick's Day fits the bill quite nicely, and with the simplicity of a holiday that has its own color palette, you can’t go wrong.


Seeing Green:


St. Patrick’s Day is arguably the simplest holiday to decorate for; instead of crafting a well-curated palette of colors for an elegant Christmas party or developing a theme for a summer extravaganza, you only need shades of green!


Keep decorations simple with green table cloths, and even plants. Felt clovers, rainbows and pots of gold can add pops of color if you are in the mood for flair. Put up a simple sign that tells your tenants “We feel so LUCKY to have you as a resident!”


Luck o’ the Irish Raffle:


Set up a table in the lounge or foyer to see if your residents have the “Luck o’ the Irish.” Raffle off small prizes: a pot of gold covered chocolates, a $5 gift certificate for ‘liquid gold’ (aka coffee), and a gold or copper plated coffee mug.


To heighten the excitement surrounding the raffle, chose one larger prize: movie tickets for 2, a restaurant gift card, or a prime parking spot for the month.


Shamrock Spread:


Even if you’re not hosting a full evening event, simply setting out a table with snacks and hors devours will be a gesture greatly appreciated by your residents. Set out a table with some themed sweet treats. Rainbow cupcakes, shamrock candy, gold coins are all great contenders and these items do not require refrigeration, meaning residents can enjoy them throughout the day and regardless of personal schedules.


Perishable savory items can be placed in the mix for a couple hours mid-day for your residents to snack on when home for lunch. Chips and guacamole, spinach pinwheel wraps, green grapes and apples and a rainbow veggie platter can easily round out the options for those without a sweet tooth.


Movie Night:


To turn St. Patrick’s Day into a truly enjoyable event, make it a movie night! Chose a movie that fits in with a St. Patrick’s Day theme and serve a specialty beverage of your choice to your movie-going residents. Opt for something light by creating an infused water with mint, lime, and cucumber, or serve residents over 21, Irish beer or a green-colored specialty cocktail. If your multifamily property houses a lot of families with children, consider creating a bubbly treat by mixing limeade and soda water. Pair your drink of choice with the above suggestions to create one stand-out event that your renters are sure to enjoy!


Whatever you decide to do this St. Patrick’s Day, remember that the goal is to make your renters feel appreciated and ensure they feel great about living in your units.

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