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Back-to-School Ideas for Your Multifamily Property

Summer break is coming to a close and the school bells are ringing once more.


Now that the change of the weather is in the air, and parents and children are settling back into a new schedule, it’s a perfect time to provide your residents with a little something extra to remind them how great it is to live in your rental property.


Foster school year success and happy residents with these ideas.


Study Room:


If you already have a work-lounge, convert a small portion into a study space for your school-age residents. Create a reading nook with inexpensive bean bags and novel-themed posters. Supply your smallest residents with a child-size table and chairs that can seat multiple students who need a quiet space for homework.


Bus Stop Safety:


If your property serves as a bus stop for school-age children, take extra precautions to ensure the safety and comfort of the kids. Consider supplying the area with a weather-covering for cold or rainy days, and consider posting children crossing signs to remind fellow residents that they may need to stop for the wayward student heading to the bus stop. Safety is key, and your residents will thank you for the additional attention placed on their children’s well-being.

Back to School Party:


Ring in the new school year with a schoolhouse-themed resident event. Decorate with pencils chalkboards and the traditional red apple! Many of these items can be found at your local dollar store. Serve school-themed snacks and desserts, and show a school-related movie. Some options include Ferris Buller’s Day Off, High School Musical, The Breakfast Club depending on the average age of your student residents. To truly make an impact, offer goodie-bags for your young students filled with crayons, safety-scissors, and other inexpensive school supplies.


Student Award Program:


Allow students to sign up for a student award program at the beginning of the school year. Award small prizes to the children who can present a report card with high grades at the end of the term or quarter. Prizes don’t have to be large--a $5 gift card to a local bookstore or even a candy and sticker gift-bag will lead to excited students and grateful parents.


If you rent to college students, consider a good-grade rent reduction plan! You could gain favor and notoriety among your town for this program (be sure to alert your local media outlets about the program) and will attract the most responsible student renters--win-win!


Resident Book Exchange:

Create an in-house library with little cost by hosting a book-exchange library. Supply a small number of age-appropriate books for early and advanced readers to start the exchange. Residents can donate their unwanted children's’ books, borrow a book to return at a later date, or leave a book in exchange for one they haven’t read. It’s a simple, low-cost, way to provide your school-aged residents with a little extra help this school year. Parent residents will be truly grateful for the collection when a last-minute book report is due.

Preparing for the school year can be stressful for parents, but it doesn’t need to be difficult for property managers and landlords. Going the extra mile for your residents during this busy season will be greatly appreciated, and your thoughtfulness will certainly have an impact when renewal season comes around once more.


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