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Earth Day Resident Event Ideas

Earth Day is near the end of April and it provides the perfect opportunity for landlords and property managers to celebrate with a resident event.


Not only will an Earth Day event provide a venue for your residents to get to know each other, promoting a great resident community-- but you will be able to show your commitment to eco-consciousness and green living. This can generate quite a buzz in your local media and can serve to attract the younger generations of renters, like Millenials and Gen Z renters (who currently make up a large portion of the market).


Here are some easy-to-plan activities that you can incorporate into an Earth Day resident event.


Plant a Community Garden

If your property features an area that is not well maintained or is currently underutilized, consider working with your tenants to create a resident garden. A resident garden is a great way to build community among your residents and shows a dedication to your tenants' health and happiness. Earth Day marks the perfect time to start planting those hearty vegetables and delicious fruits for your residents to enjoy throughout the spring and summer.


Encourage Recycling:

Go big by hosting a can and bottle drive, and use the funds to support a local park or the building of a resident playground. Or think smaller by simply adding more recycling bins to your property in common areas. If you don’t already have an on-site recycling program, it’s time to learn about the benefits to the Earth and your bottom line.


Host a Meatless Meal

Going meatless one meal a week can have measurable benefits for the environment. Encourage your residents to give it a try by hosting a locally catered meatless meal.


Create a Greenery Station

Bring the beauty of the outdoors in by hosting a planting station. Residents can choose from a range of indoor plants (like succulents and ferns) to create their own mini oasis in their apartment.


Carve Out Space for Residents to Unwind

Allow your residents a chance to relax and recharge in the fresh sunshine. Create an outdoor lounge area where your tenants can read, rest or even paint outside and enjoy the fresh air a clean Earth provides.


Getting your residents together can be a challenge at times, and for property managers who host regular resident events, it can be hard to make sure each event is unique and engaging.  

Earth Day is the perfect way to get out of the typical holiday event slump and move on to something interesting and beneficial for your property. Even if you’re not ready to make the leap and move to green alternatives and energy efficient solutions in every part of your property, taking a moment to celebrate and recognize Earth Day will go a long way to help market your current green features while giving your residents a fun-filled day.



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