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Finding the Right Property Manager (Australia)

So you are going to lease your home or are looking for another agent to take over the process. As we all know there are a million agents all spruiking the same things, free this, experience that, brand this and expert that. But how do you know who is the right fit for you?

There is an old saying, when you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Whilst its not always the case, it is more often than not. So the question is, how do I find an agent that will help me realise my properties potential and manage my property to a standard of which I will appreciate?

Ideally before this point you should have some questions prepared to ask them. Your questions should be tailored to your property and your circumstances with expectations on the level of service or tailored solutions you require.

Before you ask an agent to come and meet you, do your homework read blogs, online articles, check google reviews as people are brutal on these. 

Firstly you want to interview an estate agent. Generally there are 1-2 interviews with the agents you have in mind so you can compare their offerings effectively and choose one that is a good fit, not only with you but your property. Have an expectation on price that is within the market, do your own research online to see what similar properties have achieved; sometimes there are no comparables and you may need to have an educated guess, but have this in mind and don’t disclose this until after your potential agent has given you a range to set your expectation 

Find someone that is not only a good and experienced agent, but someone who has empathy and wants to work with your tenants. The days of tenants being second class citizens are over and you need to have someone that can build the level of rapport with your tenant where they feel that they are letting the agent down if anything goes wrong.

A Quick checklist

1.    The agent should be professional, approachable, great with communication and most importantly honest.

2.    A home appraisal should be fair and honest, not an absorbent figure to “wow” you – This ties into your research as mentioned above.

3.    Listen to your agents advice, generally being on the front line of the rental war, they are (well should be) well versed on the public's expectations and adding/removing small things can make a huge difference – This ties into trust.

4.    Marketing strategies are paramount. You can’t sell/rent a secret and an experienced agent should be able to bring marketing techniques including lifestyle based marketing and technology to the table to show that they are not only experienced, can display your property in its best light, but be backed up with the latest technology to reach your next potential tenant.

Is the person you are meeting your actual property manager? Many agencies will send a well-dressed and spoken business development manager to lease your property, but like Russian roulette, you are then playing the game with who you end up dealing with. It might be old fashioned but I like to know at the meeting who I am dealing with and not just an attractive women or man who tells me what I want to hear and then I’m left with a stranger after the property is let.

Lastly experience – What level of experience does this agent I am meeting have? I am lucky in this respect from having experience at all ends of the real estate sector, I use this as one of my points' of difference, being that I have been in Residential Sales, Major Project Sales, Residential leasing, Residential Property Management and Commercial Leasing and Property Management. 

People now expect more and for the fees that our industry sometimes charges, I understand why the level of expectation is high. A holistic agent that can provide the right advice and back this up with industry experience is a safe bet.


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