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Halloween and Your Rental Property

 A new National Confectioners Association (NCA) national survey reveals that more than three-quarters of Americans will hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this year and many others will participate in community-sponsored Halloween events, display a seasonal candy bowl, or attend a Halloween party.


With that kind of nationwide engagement, you can be sure your renters are bound to take part in the festivities.


Before the sugar high hits and the creepers come’a crawlin’, there are few steps a property manager should take in order to give their residents the safest, and most fun, Halloween. Ensuring your rentals are prepared for a safe holiday season will increase your reputation with your tenants and the community overall.


As a landlord or property manager, you cannot always count on your tenants to take the necessary steps to make sure your property is safe for the high traffic, evening event.  Whether you manage a single-family home a multi-unit complex, help your tenants and visitors have a safe and fun Halloween by taking the following precautions to safeguard your property.


Common Areas


Make sure front doors and entry ways are well lit for trick or treaters. Also check stairways, walkways, and parking areas have adequate lighting. A well lit dwelling will make trick-or-treaters feel more comfortable and will also deter vandalism from Halloween pranksters. 


Beyond lighting, you should remind your tenants keep common areas clear of tripping hazards. Bulky costumes, masks and unsteady children are a recipe for disaster if any obstacles cross their path.  


Outdoor Areas


All landlords and property managers have to be wary of liability for injuries that occur on your property, you need to ensure its safety during high traffic times, like Halloween. To avoid real blood, clear common areas, paths, walkways, and driveways of any items that could trip up an excited trick-or-treater running to a front door. Mark holes/cracks in sidewalk clearly. And remember that younger trick-or-treaters, whether fueled or lured by candy, may run across your rental’s lawn, so clear that too and fill in any holes.


Smoke Detectors


Most lease agreements prohibit candle buring in a rental property, however this rule is often one that a renter might overlook, especially with a tempting jackolantern beggin to be lit. Remind you tenants about candle lighting rules and double check that your rental's smoke alarms are working properly. 


Remind your Tenants about Renters Insurance


Even with all these precautions, accidents can happen.  Remind your tenants about the benefits of renters insurance as low cost protection in case a scared dog bites a trick-or-treater, a vandal destroys any belongings, or a bad guy steals something during a Halloween party.

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