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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Tenants

The holiday season is in full swing, and as your residents prepare for the festivities, there’s no better time to fully embrace the spirit of giving and let your residents know how much you value having them as tenants. While there’s no need to go overboard (there are options for any price range) If you are hoping to do a little something extra this year, here are a few gift ideas for your tenants.


As with any purchase in life, it’s important to determine the desired budget and begin your gift search from there.


Free or Minimal Cost

Remember that the goal of this is to show your tenants that you care.


  • Handwritten card with thank you note

  • Calendar of local events to inform residents of holiday fun in the city

  • Pack of hot chocolate, a candy cane, and a thank you note all in a holiday mug

  • Coupons for local

  • Holiday cookies

  • Box of chocolates


Midrange Ideas

These gifts will certainly be appreciated without leaving a large dent in your wallet.


  • Wine or Sparkling Cider (verify that renters are over 21 before gifting alcohol)

  • Home Repair Tool Kit for tenants to take on small tasks themselves

  • Gift Card to local restaurant or movie theater

  • Dessert or fruit basket


Generous Selections

If you have additional cash to spend this year and are looking to make a large impact, these gifts will serve to remind your tenants how great it is having you as a landlord or manager.


  • Reduce rent for the month of December to allow tenants to focus on Holiday expenses

  • Upgrade an appliance the gesture is appreciated and adds value to the rental

  • Holiday raffle for tenants to win large gifts in addition to their guaranteed midrange ones


Whatever your budget and time investment may be this season, don’t let this opportunity to give back to your tenants slip by. Remember, this relatively small investment can provide dividends when a tenant renews their lease simply because you established a great connection with these little opportunities. Letting your residents know that you value them and appreciate their tenancy is the best way to provide excellent customer service and ensure that they stay with you in the months to come.


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