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How to Make a New Tenant Feel Right At Home

Tenant move-in is a key time to ensure that you appropriately set the tone for the lease term. Landlords and property managers should always move to establish a great first impression and solidify a great landlord-tenant relationship right from the start.


Thankfully, there are simple ways to help make your tenants feel at home for the duration of their lease term, and they don’t have to be costly or time-intensive.


New Tenant Gift Box:


Showings are complete, tenant screening is all finished, and you’ve found the ideal tenant to occupy your listing; ensure that they want to stay long-term by wowing them right from the start. Provide your tenant with some helpful reminders for moving day, and include a tenant welcome gift when they walk through the door. A simple gift box and tenant welcome kit will go a long way to make your new renters feel valued and help them settle into their new home.


Why it’s good: The gift basket can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire, and it can fit any budget. It doesn’t matter what you end up choosing, the thoughtfulness goes a long way and sends the message that you are ready to build a great relationship with your occupant and want to make sure their needs are met.


Handwritten Cards:


On birthdays or holidays a handwritten note goes a long way. Make note of your occupants’ birthdays and consider sending holiday cards when the time comes; your attentiveness will always make an impact--especially these days when handwritten cards are rare. The card doesn’t have to fancy and the note can be simple, but there’s no better way to remind your tenants that you’re available if they need you.


Why it’s good: Cards are a very minimal expense but covey a thoughtfulness like few other things can. They allow your tenant to feel like they are more than just a name on a rent check to you, and serve as a gentle reminder to report any maintenance issues. This can be beneficial since you may be able to tackle a problem before it becomes too costly. The gesture may be small, but the payback can be huge.


Respond to Requests in a Timely Manner:


On the subject of maintenance issues, there’s no better way to make your tenant feel heard than to truly respond to their requests efficiently. If you come across a low-priority issue that you cannot address with the expediency that your tenant expects, ensure that you still take the time to send a quick response saying that you will address it soon—and provide a realistic timeline that you can be sure to follow.


Why it’s good: Responding quickly, even if you are not ready to address the issue, builds tenant trust. This will make them more content in your rentals, and also more likely to submit requests when they’re truly necessary. This ensures you won’t get stuck with a huge repair bill down the road.


Establish Community at Your Residency:


If your rental is a multifamily property, it will behoove you to foster a great community at your rentals. Encourage friendships through resident events and help your residents feel a vested interest in their current homes and the community surrounding it.


Why it’s good: This will cultivate long-term tenancy and attract your ideal renters to come to live at the property. Moreover, giving all tenants the chance to get to know each other and create friendships means you will likely deal with fewer bad neighbor conflicts in the future.


Making a new tenant feel at home doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. In the end, showing your tenants that you care and that you are committed to ensuring they have a good experience living at your property is all it takes.

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