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How to Write an Awesome Tenant Newsletter

If you have thought about sending a newsletter to your tenants, the start of a new year is the perfect time to do it!


A well written newsletter can be one of the most effective ways to connect with your residents and share important property information. As an added bonus, you can promote your property and position yourself as a great landlord or management company.


Keeping communication open and building strong relationships with your tenants will encourage lease renewals and referrals, keeping vacancy rates low and rental income steady.


One of the challenges of sending a tenant newsletter is deciding what to say. The good news is, that long-form newsletter of the past are now out of date. If the majority of your tenants are millennials, they will want easy to consume information in a fun format. That means, no longer do you need to write long articles or come up with ideas for a multiple page newsletter.


What to Say in Your Tenant Newsletter


A newsletter is an excellent way to share property reminders about scheduled maintenance or important due dates but keeping the content fun and entertaining with news about local events and community promotions will make it even better!


Here are some ideas for what to include in your newsletter:

  1. Tenant Tips - Let your renters know useful information about how to be a great renter and share tips for damage free decorating or home cleaning hacks
  2. Local Promotions - Check with a few local businesses, like a coffee shop or restaurant, to see if they want to offer a coupon to your residents that you will share in your newsletter.
  3. Tenant Spotlight - Build a sense of community by featuring a tenant once a quarter in your newsletter and share a cool project they are involved with in your town. 
  4. Seasonal Maintenance and Policy Reminders – Quarterly newsletters offer a great opportunity to remind your tenants about weather related maintenance like preventing frozen pipes or regularly changing air filters in the HVAC system.
  5. Upcoming Events – Include an events calendar to remind your tenants about upcoming repairs, deadlines and even local events like concerts, farmers markets, or festivals.


How Long Should the Newsletter Be?


My years in the marketing industry has proven that the most read newsletters are short, fun and valuable. If you send an email newsletter, you can easily accomplish this by including links to helpful articles that tenants would find useful like:


If you plan to mail or hand deliver a physical newsletter, I recommend keeping it to 1-2 pages. Use bullet points, pictures and employ sections of quality information that are 100-200 words


Worried about finding the time to write the content for newsletter?


Contact your favorite property management blog to see if you can have permission to republish any of their articles in your newsletter. Or feel free to leave a comment on this post or send me a message and we can brainstorm together!

Most importantly, have fun, enjoy the new year and best of luck with your tenant newsletters for 2017!


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