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Infographic: 5 Tips for Decorating Your Property Management Office

When it comes to giving off a good impression, and attempting to leverage yourself as an industry authority, decorating your property management office likely isn’t the first topic that springs to mind.

Just as with your wardrobe choice as a property manager, first impressions are key and an organized and well-curated office emanates a noticeable care and attention to detail. Additionally, decorating your property management office with intention and a focus on new research can mean your environment can even boost your overall productivity.

This infographic covers exactly what you need in order to ensure that decorating your property management office goes smoothly.


Add Greenery

Decorating with greenery is an inexpensive way to breath life into your office and even boost your productivity--according to studies. Bring extra texture and warmth into your office by purchasing a live plant.  If you find you don't have the greenest thumb in the world, a convincing faux plant or even weekly bringing in fresh flowers can do the trick.


Play Up The Industry

If the vast range of decor options in the world has your head spinning--make it fun and easy on yourself by looking for elegant and creative nods towards property management. House-shaped vases and brick-brack can be a subtle way to personalize your office toward your industry while diversifying decor.


Event Showcase

First impressions matter; show future tenants how great it is to live on your property simply by displaying photos from your latest resident event. A simple way to play up the fun of your residencies and liven up the decor in your office. Two birds!



No office is truly yours until you have added your personal touch. Those little details that make your office feel comfortable are key. Photos of family members, decor representing interests or hobbies are all encouraged. After all, you spend a good percentage of your daily life at your office!


Book Display

Books heighten the warmth of an office while reflecting well on their owner. Pust your must-reads on display. Books on business and real estate can be covered with a more aesthetically pleasing design for extra cohesive appeal.


Office decor can have a much larger impact than you might expect. While a client or potential tenant won’t select or avoid your management company simply because of your office’s appearance, it will certainly create an impression--make sure it’s a good one by implementing these tips.


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