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5 Ways to Make Halloween a Hit at Your Multifamily Property

Halloween is in a few short weeks, and there’s nothing scarier than not having a plan.


Hosting any type of resident event or activity can help foster a great community at your multifamily property, and can act as a beacon to potential tenants who want to join in on the fun. If you want to do something special for your residents his year, but are not sure what event would be best--look no further.


Participation Flyers

Your tenants--particularly the smallest ones--may be counting down the days until the Halloween fun. However, you will find that some will not be as eager to participate. If your residency hosts trick-or-treaters, be sure to provide a way to indicate which apartments are joining in on the fun. To ensure that your tenants who simply wish to have a quiet evening are left alone, print out spooky participation flyers that residents can place on their door so children do not knock on every door in search of sweet treats.


Costume Contest

There is a reason this activity is a Halloween tradition. Easy to host and fun for participants, there’s no doubt that everyone will enjoy this fall tradition. There are few activities more exciting than seeing all of the creative costumes that everyone wears, so don’t forget to host a not-so-scary fashion show so all residents can put their handiwork on display. For added competition, offer a prize to the best costumes in pre-determined categories. Prizes don’t have to be costly, a small gift card, a coveted parking spot for the next month or another simple gesture will be enough to spark the fun!


Halloween Movie Party

A few decorations to set the scene, some popcorn or caramel corn, a generous helping of Halloween candy and a scary movie all combine to make an easy--but delightful--resident event. Opt for a scary movie if your property houses mostly adults, or offer a fall classic like “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” if you anticipate children will be present.


Jack-o-Lantern Contest

Offer prizes to the best-carved jack-o-lanterns. You can either host a one-time event and supply all the implements or you can simply ask your residents to photograph their own creations for your community bulletin board. Have your property management team judge each jack-o-lantern based on skill and creativity, or have your residents vote on their favorite! Best selections win a small prize, and your residency will be full of fun decorations. Just be sure to remind residents about your flame policy and general Halloween safety.


Door Decorating Debut

Ask your residents to stretch their creativity by making a fun creating on their front door. A door decorating event is the perfect way to bring some Halloween festivities indoors while eliminating the risk of fire hazards from decor blocking the hallways. Supply snacks, paper and fun items like large googly eyes, and feathers. Your residents’ creativity will be flowing and the halls of your property will be the talk of the town. Invite locals to an early trick-or-treat event so they can see how great living at your property can be!  


This time of year don’t be afraid to do something extra creative; your residents will no doubt appreciate the efforts--particularly those little ghosts and ghouls with an insatiable appetite for sugar.


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