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Preparing Your Property for Winter

The winter season is quickly approaching, bringing with it the bustle of the holidays, and cold winter nights. Before you are swept up in the holiday mayhem, now is the time to ensure that your rental property is ready for the weather.


With more extreme weather conditions predicted this year, it’s imperative that you attend to any remaining winter maintenance tasks to protect your investment. Don’t forget that while you're attending to your property's seasonal maintenance, there’s no better time to complete a property inspection and check in with your tenants.


Here are the areas you should address before winter’s chill hits your region.


Prune Foliage:

The weight of snow and ice can cause branches on trees and shrubs to break under pressure. To prevent an injury to a resident or guest, and to prevent obstacles on pathways, check for any vegetation that may need a trim. Keep in mind that fall rains may have encouraged growth on bushes close to walkways and doorways. Eliminate any tripping hazards that could cause a fall when snow and ice shroud obstacles and catalyze slips.



Verify that all windows and doors are appropriately sealed. This will insulate against the cold winter weather, and keep damaging moisture out of the home. Moreover, your tenants will thank you for keeping their heating costs down.


Winterize Pipes:

Un-insulated pipes tend to freeze or even burst when the goes through an extreme drop. Avoid the resulting damage and mess simply by wrapping any pipes that need it. During this process, be sure to detach any garden hoses and cover outdoor spigots.


Tend to Your Water Heater:

Experts advise that owners flush water heaters every two years to control mineral build-up that can cause damage or reduce overall efficiency. Just remember that an old water heater may require extra care, so plan on scheduling a repair or replacement.


Roof Inspection

Now is the time to schedule a licensed, certified roofing professional check your roof. Even slight damage can lead to water exposure. This will cause deterioration to your roof and leave electrical, plumbing and HVAC vulnerable. The cost of maintenance is far lower than the cost of repairs if a preventable issue was not avoided.


Tenant Reminders

Provide excellent customer service to your tenants, and build trust in your relationship by providing simple tips to help your renters. Winter is a good time to remind tenants of ways to keep their costs down and stay warm during the winter. A brief newsletter can supply an easy way to connect with your tenants during the holiday season.


Don’t forget to address these important maintenance tasks and your property will be ready the storms winter has to offer.

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