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Reassessing Your Business-Related New Year's Resolutions

We are now officially into 2018 full-swing.


Now is about the time that the new year buzz tends to die down, and you’re settling back into your daily routine. At this point, you may have even started writing the correct date on all of your paperwork. Unfortunately, this is also around the time where motivation for resolutions tends to fade and dwindle--if not fizzle out entirely.


If you’re one of the many well-intentioned people who are feeling the temptation to throw in the towel when it comes to your personal or business new year’s goals, there are some ways to put yourself back on track.


Why New Year's Resolutions Fail:

According to statistics assessing 2017 resolutions, New Year’s Resolutions have a 90.8% failure rate, and an outstanding 27.4% of people give up their resolutions within just one week of setting them! Now, those odds are certainly disheartening and may make you feel even less motivated to achieve your resolutions this year, but we can learn some valuable information from these facts.

Psychology Today, reveals that tenancies for resolution failure include personal reluctance and setting unrealistic expectations for oneself. This means that if you truly want to find success in your new year goals, it’s vital to determine if you’re actually emotionally ready to make the changes necessary, and moreover, it’s important to set realistic goals.


Reassess the Resolutions You Made:

Now that you’re a few weeks into the new year, take a step back and reassess what you really want to accomplish. Be realistic. Set some reasonable goals and brainstorm ideas on what you will do to accomplish them. This will develop helpful little habits, not catalyze unhelpful feelings of guilt and frustration. Setting yourself on the right path may require a bit of research. If your goal is to acquire more properties for your portfolio, check with experts on how to make that happen. Goals are great, but finding success requires more than a desire to want something. It requires proper planning and hustle.


Make Your Goals More Specific:

Vague goals never helped anyone. Once you have reevaluated your goals based on realism, specificity is key. Avoid setting yourself up for disappointment by being specific about your resolution. Think about what each goal will look like in execution rather than big picture. For instance, if your goal is to become more organized at the office, figure out exactly what that means. Maybe your specific goal should be to find a better digital filing system, or investing in a property management software, or maybe it's rearranging the office furniture to create an area that promotes more efficient workflow.


Measure Your Progress Throughout the Year:

Finally, create mile-markers along the way. Lofty resolutions are doable, but only if you give yourself a clear path to the finish line. Creating small accomplishable goals serves two purposes. First, it ensures that you’re actively making progress, and not putting off a resolution because you don’t know where to start. Second, it allows you to quantify your current achievements, and feel good about your progress. Not only is this a wonderful asset to help measure your business success, but nothing is more motivating than seeing real progress, and this can encourage you to put in that extra 10% to reach your business dreams this year.


Whatever your goals may be this year, adhering to these simple techniques can mean that next year, you’ll be among that 9.2% of people who not only kept their resolutions long-term but successfully met their goals.


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