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Remind Your Renters of These Important Tips Before They Travel

As your renters pack their bags for holiday travels, make sure to inform them of these important reminders that will keep the property safe while they are away.


Consider sending out an email or mailing these reminders for renters traveling during the holiday season, especially if you live in a cold weather environment.


Tell Your Landlord


Landlords like to know when their tenants are out of town for an extended amount of time. If you are aware of your tenants traveling plans, it will make it easier to contact them about any emergency maintenance. This can be especially true if a renter is out of town when an unexpected cold front comes to town and you need to make sure the pipes are properly protected.


You don’t need to require that renters give you every detail of their travel plans, but contact information and the dates of the trip should be efficient. In some cases, the lease agreement will require renters to always notify the landlord or manager about extended absences, as is the case for rentals in Alaska.


Mind the Pipes


If your rental in a snow zone and freezing temperatures are already in effect, your renters should be well aware of how to prevent freezing pipes. If your renters plan to travel, they might consider leaving a trickle of water running to prevent frozen pipes while they are on vacation.


Have a Snow Removal Plan


Your renters need to have a snow removal plan in place in case a fresh blanket of snow falls during their absence. If your property is in a city that requires residents manage their own snow removal from the public sidewalks in front of their home, they will still need to do so if they are out of town.


Remind your renters of the fees associated with failure to remove snow in the required timeline. Consider offering recommendations for your favorite snow removal vendors or to coordinate with a local friend or family member who will help out.


Leave the Heat on


Some budget conscious residents might be tempted to turn the heat down while they are away, but doing so can lead to frozen or broken pipes. Tell your residents how low they can safely set their thermostats, and remind them the cost of a heating bill will be much less than paying for the damage of a broken pipe.


Unplug appliances


While thinking of ways to save energy, let your renters know they should be unplugging non-essential appliances like televisions, phone chargers, coffee pots, toaster ovens, personal fans to reduce the risk of fire and conserves energy.


Pay Your Rent


If holiday travel plans means your renters will be gone over a rent collection due date, your renters need to make a plan to make sure you get paid on time. Remind them to set up an automatic online rent payment or to mail a check before the due date so they don’t run into any late fees or come home to a “Pay Rent or Quit” notice.


Think about Security


Remind your renters about the importance of security while they are out of town. Tell them to consider leaving a light on in their home while to deter burglars or vandals.  


As a responsible property manager you can help your renters have a stress-free vacation by ensuring that their property is prepared prior to traveling.

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