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Halloween Prep for Your Rental Property

Crisp air, laughing families and sugar-high witches, superheroes and princesses all come out to enjoy the evening on October 31st. Landlords and property managers can take this opportunity to participate in the excitement by not only offering a potential resident event or passing out candy but also by ensuring that residents have a safe and happy Halloween. To ensure that guests, current residents, and your property itself are all protected from harm or criminal activity, implement these important Halloween safety steps.



Keep Outdoors Well-Lit


A well-lit area will make trick-or-treaters feel more comfortable and will deter vandals. Check all sidewalks, entryways, parking lots, and stairways for adequate lighting.


Clear Common Areas


Halloween decor may set the scene, but debris causing a tripping hazard. Bulky costumes on children can spell disaster if the decor is not limited in high-traffic areas.


Advise Pets Be Brought Indoors


An influx of new people and strange surroundings can make pets feel anxious. Remind tenants to keep their pets indoors to prevent them from getting out or acting aggressively.


Give Fire Safety Reminders


Halloween brings jack-o-lanterns and luminaries decorating the landscape. These can be easily overturned. Suggest tenants use flameless candles or glow sticks to prevent property damage.


Complete Extra Safety Tasks


In case of an accident, remind tenants to check their smoke detectors. Check all outdoor areas for tripping hazards. Clean vacant properties and check their locks to make them appear lived-in


Have Fun!

Halloween is an excellent time to show your tenants how great it is to be a part of your rental community. Safety is important, but so is fun!


Halloween can be a fun-filled festivity, as well as an ideal opportunity to show off your property to potential new residents. Remember though that the night can insight tricksters and vandals to come out of the woodwork, and that excited children can throw caution to the wind when moving from door to door in search of candy. Make an effort to prevent potential injury or criminal activity and ensure that the only scary parts of your Halloween are the ghosts and goblins in costume.

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