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Rental Safety Tips for the 4th of July

Independence Day is nearly here in the U.S. and your tenants will likely celebrate.


Since your residents will no doubt want to soak up some summer fun with a BBQ or other activity. While your outdoor spaces may facilitate these activities nicely, when the evening draws near, the festivities often result in celebratory fireworks.


For property managers, this seemingly harmless fun can come with a lot of risk to your property and your tenants if not appropriately addressed.


And while Let’s Talk PM definitely has some great tips to ensure that a 4th of July resident event goes off without a hitch, there are other things to consider this year to ensure that you are properly protecting your property.


If you are thinking of hosting a 4th of July resident event this year, or your city allows for the use of personal fireworks, be sure to implement these safety tips.



Fire Safety:

Dry weather can increase the fire risk to your property, and when combined with a stray spark from a firework, the results could be catastrophic. Remind to take proper safety measures needed to protect themselves and your property. Ensure that fire extinguishers and fire safety information is readily available.


Proper Disposal:

If you allow residents to ignite personal fireworks on or near your property, require that they stay in a paved area free of nearby vegetation and that they have a hose or water bucket available to safely dispose of smoldering refuse.


Adult Supervision:

Fireworks may be fun, but they aren’t toys. Never allow children to ignite or play with fireworks, and never leave children unsupervised around fireworks.


Community Carpool:

Protect your property from rulebreakers by offering a more exciting opportunity. Treat your residents by arranging for shuttle pick-up or initiating a carpool to the nearest city fireworks display. Make it an official event by hosting a BBQ beforehand or bringing along catered sandwiches for residents to enjoy picnic-style while waiting for the fireworks.


Rule Reminders:

As with any important announcement, it’s vital to send out reminders to your residents. In the weeks leading up to July 4th, be sure that you have communicated your property’s regulations regarding Independence Day celebrations. Be sure to do this before the 4th of July, so residents know exactly what will and won’t be permitted.


Thankfully, in spite of the potential dangers that a poorly planned 4th of July celebration can bring, there is no need to choose between safety or fun.


Savvy property managers and landlords have the opportunity to create an environment dedicated to the enjoyment of their tenants, while still practicing risk mitigation for their units. Remember, this is an opportunity to wow your residents and also to remind them of the wonderful community and fun they can have as a resident of your rental properties. Great experiences will compel your renters to renew their leases time-and-time-again.

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