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Tenant Screening Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

So there's a bit of a misconception out there for landlords, especially, private landlords who aren't incorporated that it is difficult to do a proper tenant screen. I've heard not just from my friends in the industry but from countless customers things like: "I'm not allowed to get credit reports", "criminal data is only available to PIs and police", and "it's too expensive". I must say I can debunk all those myths in about 30 seconds!

Simple fact is, all these reports are available TODAY to landlords, as well as property managers.

  • Credit Reports
  • Criminal Reports (nationwide, state, or county)
  • Eviction Reports
  • Judgments, Liens, Bankruptcy Reports
  • many more..

The cost is often completely paid for in a $25-35 application fee which virtually all states allow for. To do a good background check you would do at minimum Credit and Criminal, and expect to pay about $17.00 for this. A $25 application fee covers your cost plus some.

Another thing I've heard is "it's too hard to get setup", or "it requires a site inspection". False, and True; however, the site inspection can be easier than you may think. I'm not sure how all other companies do it, but Rentec Direct provides a single page form you can have a neighbor or friend fill out on your behalf which replaces the typical expensive and long wait a typical site inspection carries. There's no costs, and the entire application/setup process takes no longer than an hour. Literally it's not unreasonable to get setup and operational the same day ordering credit & criminal reports just a few hours later.

I think I just debunked the myths. Rentec Direct isn't the only tenant screening outfit out there; however, it's the only one I have access to, so I created a video using our system on just how quick and easy it is to order background reports. Better quality tenants = better quality income. Better quality tenants = fewer legal expenses. Better quality tenants = better property care. Better quality tenants = Huge Benefit!





The author is a founding member of Rentec Direct, an property managers, and a business owner. Rentec Direct provides which includes ach for landlords, tenant screening, and online documentation and file storage.

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  • Gloria  Moore
    Gloria Moore This is a good guide for tenants verification. However, if you don’t want your tenants to pay, you can do credit report and background check, through rental application platforms. For instance, this one https://rentberry.com/tenant-screening/ allows to ru...  more
    November 28, 2016
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