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Tenant Vs. Landlord Maintenance Tasks

Renters have the luxury of deferring extensive maintenance, it’s one of the many reasons to rent.


If a homeowner finds that their pipe unexpectedly bursts, the homeowner is stuck with the fees and stress of handling the job, or of finding a qualified expert to take care of the situation quickly--and hopefully without too much expense. And while it may be true that renters are generally not responsible for maintenance tasks, every renter should know for what tasks they are still responsible.


Your tenants are expected to keep the property clean and free of garbage and debris, and they also must avoid deliberate or negligent damage to the property.


Keep Your Tenants Aware of Their Responsibilities:


Unfortunately, some renters simply don’t understand their responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the property. Renters often have never owned a home and don’t understand the work that must go into maintaining a rental and preventing excess damage from negligence. To keep your property protected, take a moment to go over your expectations with any new tenants. Let them know what you are responsible for and what areas they need to address. This will reassure them that you will be caring for them and the property when an issue arises, and will make it easier than ever for your tenants to follow the lease to the letter.


General Maintenance Tasks For Which Landlords Are Responsible:


Tenants are not responsible for fixing problems like leaky roofs, cracked foundations but are required to inform their property manager about maintenance issues so they can make proper repairs and prevent further damage. To keep your property protected from further damage, and to ensure the safety of your residents, be sure to conduct routine maintenance inspections.


Tenant Vs. Landlord Maintenance Tasks:


There are many tasks for which your tenants are responsible for a small portion, but the brunt of the chore rests with the landlord or property manager. This infographic will explain how.

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