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The 6 Simple Rules of Good Tenancy

Being a good tenant isn’t complicated, and while it may feel like your landlord is a mystery, there are some tried-and-true rules that can ensure that you and your landlord are on the same page.


It’s true that having a great landlord can make the landlord-tenant relationship far easier, but always remember that fostering a good relationship throughout your tenancy is a joint endeavor. Stay on your manager or landlord’s good side with these six simple rules of good tenancy.


Pay Rent On Time

Paying rent late can be a financial burden for your landlord. They likely depend on the rent to make the mortgage payment on the rental property.


Communicate Issues

Your landlord or manager is not a mind reader. Let them know quickly if there is an issue at the rental; it can prevent serious damage to the home.


Care for the Property

Treat the property as if it was your own, and you'll find that your landlord will love you. Do renter maintenance to protect your security deposit and keep your rental a great place to live.


Don't Hide Roommates

Landlords must protect their property by using their screening process. Inviting a roommate circumvents this & more people leads to wear & tear on the rental.


No Permanent Updates

New hardware, paint colors or flooring may seem like an upgrade to you, but could be a nightmare to your landlord. Protect your security deposit by only making changes that are outlined in the lease.


Follow the Lease

Read the lease and ask questions to ensure you understand the rules in full. Don't be surprised later! Follow the policy down to the details; you agreed to the lease after all.


Becoming your landlord’s dream tenant will be mutually beneficial. Caring for the property will ensure that you have a great place to live during your tenancy, and will get a full refund on your security deposit when you move out. Plus, showing your landlord that you are a responsible tenant will encourage them to give you an excellent reference the next time you’re apartment hunting.


Following the rules of good tenancy can be simple if you have fully read your lease agreement and are willing to have open lines of communication with your landlord or property manager. Thankfully, this will make it a great experience for both parties!


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