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Unique Amenities Your Renters Want- Infographic

Finding the right amenities for your market will ensure that you add value to your properties. Enticing renters with the amenities they truly want leads to happy tenants who will often spread the word of your properties for you. Word of mouth recommendations come from happy tenants who feel well taken care of within your properties, and the perfect amenity will do just that.


These unique amenities are sure to please your tenants, attract new applicants, and make your properties the talk of the rental industry in your area.

Dog Park:


Use any additional space on your property to create a place for your tenants’ pups to play. A outdoor space for pets--even if it’s not extremely large--will convey to potential renters that your space is more than accepts pets, but is truly pet-friendly.


Smart Tech:


Encourage millennial and gen Z renters to take note of your multifamily units by catering to their need to stay connected. Offer smart tech like keyless entry, high-speed internet, and other technologically savvy upgrades throughout your properties.


Tenant Garden:


Using a small spot on your grounds to create a tenant garden can encourage community among your renters, and can express a commitment to environmentally-friendly living.


Happy Hour:


Host a wine or artisanal beer tasting for residents 21 and over after work on a weekday. Make this a regular offering once weekly to allow residents to unwind and mingle with their neighbors after a long day at the office.


Delivery Service:


If you don’t have a doorman to receive packages, purchase a locker system so your tenants have confidence that their valuable deliveries are safe until they are able to bring them inside.

Pet Perks:


Create an indoor space for tenants to care for their furry friends. A doggie washing station, and a grooming area will be greatly welcomed by pet-loving residents.


Gym Classes:


Offering an in-house gym is welcomed, but step it up a notch by offering in-house yoga, pilates or weight lifting classes. Hire a live-in instructor, or work with a local fitness center to create in-house classes and discounts for the fitness center so tenants can enjoy the additional fitness utilities you may not be able to offer within  your properties.


Play Room:


Creating an indoor play place for small children will make your properties extremely inviting for young families. Encourage community and relationship building by creating a space for parents to relax and chat while watching the kids play.


Guest Space:

Keep an empty unit available for tenants to rent on a nightly basis for incoming guests to utilize. Depending on your local laws, you can generate extra income by placing this unit on short-term rental sites when your tenants have not reserved it.

Picking perks and unique amenities add to the value of your units without greatly increasing your costs.


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