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5 Ways to Prevent Slips and Falls This Season

During warm summer months where traffic is high outside, it’s natural to give your property a little extra love and ensure that outdoor safety is a priority.


Your responsibilities to your tenants' safety don’t end when the cold chill of autumn hits. As the winds increase, icy storms come in and shedding trees create obstacles, it’s vital that you and your maintenance team take measures to prevent a fall or slip.


Keep your property safe for tenants and their guests and prevent against being found liable for a fall with these cold-weather safety steps.

Check Railings:


Railings on decks, porches, and stairways need to be secure to provide optimum safety. Not only do unstable railings pose a hazard if a tenant or guest should lean on them, but they should provide enough stability that a person who is losing their footing due to chilly, wet conditions is able to right themselves before falling. This season, be sure to double-check your railings’ conditions so you can guarantee their safety.

Texture Walkways:


Think back to last winter’s ice and snow in your rentals’ area. Did you find that your tenants had a difficult time navigating walkways and entryways due to the icy conditions?


Perhaps your property is located in a more temperate area but was hit with a surprising winter chill that your property was not set up for, think about ways to prepare for that same weather this year. If you didn’t install it last year, take the time to add texture to your walkways and entrances that will make it easier to travel across in inclement weather.


Whatever this installation looks like for your property’s needs (an outdoor carpeting on slick wood steps, adding sand to your fresh coat of paint on your walkway, or anti-slip tape on porches or stairways) be sure to find a good solution that will keep everyone at your property walking with confidence during icy conditions.


Clear Shrubs and Tree Branches:


When looking at ways to prevent a fall, it seems natural to look down. Obstacles on the ground are likely the biggest factor in trips or falls, and they are likely the easiest to address. This is certainly the case with tree roots or shrubs that are impeding walkways. Be sure to trim any bushes whose growth could impede an easy walk, and consider removing or at least adequately marking any tree roots that may have branched out into your walkway.


Equally important, when considering fall and winter safety, don’t forget to look up. Tree branches in precarious spots can cause an unsuspecting tall tenant a difficult time, whether they run directly into the branch, or fall attempting to avoid it in wet conditions, a safety concern has arisen. Be proactive in removing or trimming any foliage that has crept into walking areas.


Remove Organic Debris:


Clearing the area of encroaching bushes or branches is key, but even far away foliage can contribute to a slip or fall if your maintenance team is not vigilant. Keep an eye out for leaves and debris that can accumulate during moderate or high winds. Remember that crunchy autumn leaves can turn into a slip hazard when wet; instruct your maintenance crew to keep sidewalks and entryways clear of mulching leaves to guarantee your tenants’ safety.


Fill Holes in Grass:


It’s easy to only look at walkways when considering trip and fall hazards, and ideally, this would be all that one would need to examine. However, ideal situations are just that, and good safety considerations must include an overview of less-than-ideal conditions. Wayward children or rushed adults could both chose to cut across your rental property’s lawn toward their destination. You should fill in any holes that may be hidden from the glance of a rushing person. These areas can mean the difference between an injury on your property or smooth sailing through the fall and winter months.


Fall and slip prevention may not have been on the top of your to-do list this season, but it is certainly an important part of making certain that your property is welcoming and safe for your tenants. They will appreciate the extra attentiveness, and you can rest easy knowing you did your due diligence this year.


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