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If 73% of Homeowners Want Us to Use Videos, Why Do Only 2% of Us

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    June 7, 2011 7:09 AM PDT

    According to a recent article at, '€œ73% of homeowners say they'€™re more likely to list with a Realtor offering to do a video, yet only a small fraction of agents have a YouTube channel?'€

    The survey, performed by of over 7,500 of their accounts goes on to conclude '€œReal Estate Professionals may not see the immediate benefit to offering video just yet'€¦ but it'€™s there!'€

    I've been using video at my property management company for years - and I love it.   We film video tours of our vacancies, videos of our move-out inspections, and our website has a promotional video on many pages.   A few years ago, video was challenging to use but now with EZ cameras like the one on the iPhone4 and websites like YouTube, video is a breeze.

    Homeowners see that we offer videos, and list with us instead of our competitors because of it.  

    Homeshoppers view our video tours BEFORE calling us to look at the property, and our closing rates for showings is amazingly high.

    Which makes me wonder - why so few people in my industry use video?  

    Don't see the value?

    Don't think it's easy?

    Some other reason?

    What's stopping you from using video at YOUR business?


    Todd Breen






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    June 7, 2011 4:18 PM PDT

    Here's a sample video that brings in new business to our "West Palm Beach Property Management" company every week.   If you have a good video on your site, post a link to it here so we can all see it.