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Things you need to consider when buying to-let property.

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    January 4, 2019 8:56 PM PST

    Buying Edinburgh property to-let seems like a good investment, but before making this investment, you need to consider the following things:

    1.Understand what you’re investing in

    You need to research when buying a to-let property and also prepare to comply with the obligations as a landlord. Also, talk to an accountant for helping you with the investment advice and tax implications.

    2. Can you afford it?

    Do all the calculations carefully – as this is not a time for guesswork. You also need to consider all the unforeseen repairs and lack of rental income, in case your property is left empty in between tenants.

    3. Investment “yield”

    Like any investment, even property prices and rental incomes can go up and down. Offering tenants with the good property will mean more income in return.

    4. Consider your potential property

    Consider the location and needs of tenants of the potential property that you are considering to buy for renting purpose. You need to consult the letting agents before investing in the property.

    5. Where to buy

    Remember that this is not where you are planning to live! It’s about what your tenants want and requires from the property that you’ll rent to them.